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6 Unfamiliar Terms for the New Passive Property Investor

When you are new to passive multifamily investing, there are a lot of unfamiliar terms to contend with. Take a look at six you’ve likely never heard of before today but should know in order to support learning the language of the industry you’re entering. Absorption RateTells you how fast available units are being leased…
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The Modern Amenity

Technology is making its way into nearly every aspect of our lives today. Consumers expect an online order, food delivery and an Uber in seconds. In the same vein, renters across the different multifamily property classes now expect access to more on-demand services and amenities. As a passive investor, evaluate deals from all the angles.…
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Renovation Reminders: Don’t Learn the Hard Way

You’ve just closed a multifamily deal and are ready to renovate. Unfortunately, many challenges have popped up. The seller overstated the occupancy rate and your rehab estimation was too low. As a result, you are stressed out and scrambling. ​​Hopefully, you’ve never had to deal with any of scenarios above, but there are many potential…
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Three Google My Business Gaffes

We’re in the throes of the Digital Age and will likely be there for a long time to come, which is exactly why you need to capitalize on the different digital marketing tools available. One tool that is often overlooked is Google My Business (GMB), a free business listing resource managed by the leading search…
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4 Questions Every Senior Should ask Before Downsizing

Are you a senior who is thinking of moving to a smaller home? You’re not alone. Every year, millions of older adults in America make the decision to downsize their home. Reasons vary from an empty nest to a recent loss to cutting costs. Whatever your reason for downsizing, here are some questions you should…
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Deal Making: Knowing when to walk away

It can be tough to manage expectations when you think you’ve landed a good multifamily deal. Even if you suspect there’s a very real chance the deal won’t close, it can be hard to handle when something goes awry and you need to walk away. Fortunately, deals that die do leave behind a valuable lesson,…
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How Do You Plan for Pets in your Multifamily Investment?

There was a time you could ignore the furry family and still invest in a great multi-family opportunity, but we think those days are gone ‘to the dogs’. Now more than ever, pets aren’t animals, they are referred to as ‘fur babies’ because they are seen as part of the family. Not only are pets…
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Amenities your Tenants Desire

2019 is flying by and if you’ve been marketing aggressively, you will have a whole new set of potential tenants knocking on your doors. To be ready for them, have you considered improving what are the most desired amenities in properties? Our suggestion is that you dial back the daydream and look into what you…
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Lawn Maintenance

When you think about just how important shared spaces are for your community, you begin to take lawn maintenance seriously.Being green and being environmentally friendly are among the top criteria for milennials, renters, and potential investors.Here are a few simple points to think on when you look outside and begin planning your landscape activities. Start…
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Lead The Landlord Landscape With Great Tech

How Hasn’t Technology Changed Us In Recent Years? You can guarantee most all your tenants will have more and more devices and connections. These days, you may find tenants that not only want to be hooked up and in, but in some cases are even working from home. How can you offer amenities that will…
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What can due diligence tell you about the property you have under contract?

Once you’ve entered into a contract on your investment property but haven’t closed yet, the work doesn’t stop. In fact, what you do next may have a big impact on your return. At this stage, you’re entering the due diligence period, a window of time during which you’re going to work to confirm you’re getting…
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Financing and Investing Multifamily Trends to Expect for 2019

With the first quarter of 2019 already underway, it’s time to take a look at the top investing and financing trends that might have an impact on multifamily investing opportunities over the next year. As you consider multifamily investments, keep the following points in mind. New construction is bringing opportunities Multifamily development has been strong…
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Kickstart Revenue On Your Property

When you’re investing in multifamily properties, the top priority is to boost Net Operating Income (NOI) so your investment is more profitable. Basically, this means lowering overhead costs and increasing the value of the property. Of course, it isn’t something you can magically do overnight. Maximizing your multifamily investment will take some time and planning,…
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Dream Property, or Nightmare?

How To: Avoid Hassles by Being Prepared It’s all too easy to fall in love with a property, but just like the beautiful homes in movies that turn out to be haunted, that “great” deal you are getting on a multifamily property you’ve fallen for may come with some expensive ghosts. To avoid the trap…
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Staying in Control: 3 Timeless Tips for Contract Negotiations

Standard real estate contracts are usually adequate for most single-family residential sales, but they don’t address multifamily deals, which often require more due diligence and are more complex to close. What’s in a standard contract is simply not comprehensive enough to cover your multifamily investment deal, so you’ll need to ensure the following terms are…
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Is it time to change property management companies?

Do you at times question some of the things your property manager does, does not do, or says? Is your property management company not focused on the same things you believe they should have on their priority list? Are you seeing questionable expenses on your owner report that once explained, do not make sense to…
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Critical Success Factors In Multifamily Investing

Considering your first investment? Are you thinking about being an equity investor/partner as part of an acquisition another company is working? The bottom line is you must KNOW YOUR DEAL!! What type of investment is being acquired? There are different classes of investment properties in multifamily, as well as different markets. Their are Class A,…
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Why you should have a mentor – Regardless of your experience in the market

When you have a lot of experience in the investment real estate scene, it is all too easy to get comfortable and feel like you will never need someone at your side to provide guidance and advice. However, this can be a costly mistake to make and could actually hinder your success in the long…
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Diversifying Via Multifamily Real Estate

Full-spectrum diversification is the name of the game for the modern investor. There are more options now than ever before. With the stock market being incredibly volatile lately, people are looking for investment alternatives to the traditional stock market route. If you invest your money into a fund that is managed by sponsors who run the…
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A Few Tried and True Tips for Finding Your Ideal Multifamily Investment

Finding the right multifamily investment should be just as important as handling that investment properly. Starting off on the right foot will set you up for success, so here’s what to consider before you take on your first – or next – property. Know What You Want And Where You Want To End Up Knowing…
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