Three Google My Business Gaffes

We’re in the throes of the Digital Age and will likely be there for a long time to come, which is exactly why you need to capitalize on the different digital marketing tools available. One tool that is often overlooked is Google My Business (GMB), a free business listing resource managed by the leading search engine. More and more renters are seeking out multifamily properties online, and it’s inevitable that many of them will visit your GMB listing before ever stepping foot on your property. To get the most out of this platform and the potential leads it provides, keep these three common GMB mistakes to avoid in mind.

​Tacking keywords to your property’s name

Adding SEO terms to your business name on GMB might seem to make sense; after all, you get to cram more information into a small field. Doing this, however, will cause the search engine to penalize you. When you add superfluous words to your name field, it falls under keyword stuffing and sends a red flag about your listing’s credibility to Google. If your listing is flagged by Google in any way, it can damage your online reputation for a long time, especially if you are subject to a hard account suspension that will remove your multifamily property from maps, search results and other Google apps.

Adding inaccurate community information

If you’re working on your digital presence but aren’t seeing any increase in your search results, check your GMB listing for accuracy. The phone number, address and website URL on the listing need to be accurate, and they should be consistent across all your web channels, such as your social media accounts. For the phone number, you should use a local number that will connect people to someone working for your business. Call center or tracking numbers do not have local area codes, which will dissuade potential renters visiting your page and Google.

Failing to post property photos

Professional photographs are an effective way to showcase your multifamily property to prospects visiting your GMB listing. Potential tenants want to see what your property and units look like so they have an idea of whether your community is what they are looking for before they invest time in a visit. Keep in mind that your photos are “selling” your multifamily property, so they need to be flattering and have a professional look. Grainy, blurry or otherwise unappealing photos will cause prospects to hit the “back” button!

With GMB, you can manage your online presence in a more comprehensive way. Be sure to avoid the common mistakes covered above and always keep your listing updated for the most success.

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