About Us

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Our Founder

When Wanda Stewart, founder, came up with the name REI Women, it was because she immediately thought of a name that would represent a woman owned company and women investing in real estate. It differs than the generic names such as Stewart Holdings or the Stewart Corporation. Wanda needed a conversation piece, and wouldn’t you know it, the first thing most ask is what is REI Women, LLC and why that name.

About REI Women

REI Women, LLC is a small woman owned company that moved into the commercial multifamily space in 2006. Our start began with single-family acquisitions in 1997 where we purchased and maintained the homes as rental property, growing a portfolio of rentals in middle class and active adult neighborhoods. To support our shift to multifamily we sold many of our single-family rentals to acquire small boutique Class B multifamily buildings. 

The commercial world of real estate is still a very much dominated by men. If you look at Investment Company CEO’s women in ownership or top partner positions are rare. Typically, women are in supporting roles such as sales, assistants, marketing and other areas which women have typically been known to excel due to their insight and attention to detail.

While REI Women, LLC is a brand that has been around for a while, the goal is to now make it a common name in the commercial multifamily space. We want anyone that works in multifamily to know of REI Women, LLC. We want to have a presence large enough to support other women moving into the multifamily business as well. Is REI Women, LLC for women investors only? Of course not, it is simply a unique name.

REI Women, LLC's current investment strategy focuses on 100 to 150 units within markets that have charm, business, jobs, and population growth. We like the smaller units (studio to 2 beds) which support both our baby boomer population, looking to down-size and the millennial population looking for a low maintenance footprint and convenience.

Our motto “We Buy Only Where We Would Live” identifies our properties as management friendly, well maintained and and simply great places to live.