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Syndicator of Multi-Family Real Estate

Investor Relations

REI Women recognizes as one of our investors’ your needs are specific to you, and we are always only a phone call away

We pride ourselves in taking a personal approach to accommodating investor requirements.

We commit to ensuring each investor is kept up-to-date on each of their investments.

Geographic Selection

  • Our current acquisitions are located in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern portions of the US: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Atlanta.
  • We will acquire property outside of our preferred geographic location, if the deal remains within our acquisition criteria.

Acquisition Criteria

  • Our core properties are solid Class "B" multi-family properties within urban markets;
  • Our purchase of historical properties are made only after all renovations have been completed and the property is maintaining at minimum a 90% tenant base for six plus months;
  • Our properties must have a positive "cash flow" and have a proven history of rental success;
  • Our preference is between 100 to 250 units;
  • Our apartments are studio, one-bedroom and two bedroom units that support "minimal living".

Investment Strategy

  • We understand each investors personal goals;
  • We keep our investors informed throughout the entire acquisition process;
  • We thoroughly analyze performance of the asset prior to purchase;
  • We identify one or more strategies to support increasing investor returns throughout ownership of the asset: strong occupancy, expense controls, minimal property improvements are some examples;
  • We know our exit strategy going into the deal;
  • We do not step outside of our acquisition criteria.

All services we provide at REI Women involves aligning and working with investors, tenants, our teamed resources.

See if multifamily investing is right for you.

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