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How Hasn’t Technology Changed Us In Recent Years?

You can guarantee most all your tenants will have more and more devices and connections. These days, you may find tenants that not only want to be hooked up and in, but in some cases are even working from home. How can you offer amenities that will tempt this new pool of prospects?

With all the innovations, it can be daunting to focus on what you can and should apply to your multi-family spaces. Keeping up with events like CES can help you be on top of breaking news and innovations. Even if you don’t understand the process or product, allowing for outlets, access, and options may help potential tenants feel more tempted by your offerings.

Lightbulbs, smart home thermostats, and more are able to connect to smartphones and tablets to change the experience of how you control your living environment. If you show in shared spaces energy efficiencies and automation, on things like lights and irrigation, not only will you save money, you’ll show potential renters what they can expect. Per unit, smart locks and other products are good for both you and your renters.

From the outside, things like vehicles and smart cars might need battery charging, spaces to accommodate the changes we’re seeing there. Even a simple, well-documented plan or route of access for food deliver like Grub Hub and car services like Uber and Lyft can help set you apart from the competition.  

Be sure to try to plan for the unexpected in progress too, by keeping lease terms clear and concise so renters know what they can and can’t modify or change.

There will continue to be evolutions in the technology, but it isn’t something you can ignore!

What technology pieces of property are you most interested in? What is or isn’t working for you?

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