Lawn Maintenance

When you think about just how important shared spaces are for your community, you begin to take lawn maintenance seriously.
Being green and being environmentally friendly are among the top criteria for milennials, renters, and potential investors.
Here are a few simple points to think on when you look outside and begin planning your landscape activities.

Start Local

If you can support a local business that would benefit from the partnership and promote you as well, try to find someone within the community that is passionate about the area. They may be open to deals, be more responsive, and more flexible with timing than a larger business or corporate chain.

Start Small

Projects may be bigger than you realize once you get started. Keep areas clean, fresh, watered and groomed. Offer simple services like trash bins, pet areas and chairs. FLower beds and bird feeders can go a long way.

Act Like It’s Yours

While to you it’s a business, to tenants it is a home. Be sure to put yourself in their shoes and inspect outdoor areas as though they were all your front yard. At the same time, be open to reasonable suggestions and the needs of the community at large.

Communicate Effectively

Having great timing (day and week of maintenance) will make you a beloved property manager. Be sure to find a quick, professional team to service those shared areas – remember they are a reflection on you!

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